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Whip Hubley
Raju Chhabria
Christopher Coppola
Tracy Reiner

Management Team:
Lynn Tang
Sherwood Jones
Eiko Jin
Lisa Brimm
Lee Mariano
Lucy Zheng
Yu Tang
Nikki Julius
Wes Wang
Isabelle Hu
Aerin Wu
Rowen Iochnicht
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Natalie Wermers

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Broadway International Film Festival Los Angeles

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Film Jury:
Bulet Rush
Howard Casner
Anthony Francis
Andrew Garrett
Camille Bacos
Rockwell Sheraton
He Huang ( Miao Miao)
"SILVER" Angel Ortiz
Amor Sanchez
Ron Gilbertz

Art Jury:
Tammie Starr
Harrison Kiernan
Jon Allen
Eiko Jin
Aima Dong
Ewart Chin

Supporting Artists:
Mel Novak
Mark Justice
Ego Mikitas
Magi Avila
Carolina de Athey
Damien Puckler
Claudia Coloma
Shuo Feng
Leon Jones
Zhengcheng Li
Ruilian Ge
Aldo Cocco
Virginie Claude
Zhuonan Zhang.
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Producer: Lynn Tang
Prodution Company: Maeya Culture Exchange Group 
About Universe Multicultural Film Festival
The film has the power to bring history to life, open windows into other cultures and engage in a way that no other medium can duplicate. Universe multicultural film festival provides an equal stage for every culture to show and shine.
For film lovers, it is a place for unique movies that can open their minds and fresh their eyes. For filmmakers, it is a fantastic place to meet with the others to create cross-cultural film projects; For distributers, it is a market that has the most diversify films to choose from; For locals, it is a wonderful festival that full of fun and cultural education.

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 2020  Universe Multicultural Film Festival 

Awards   Winner
Grand Jury Prize Best Featuree   Soumaya (France)
Grand Jury Prize Best Shortt   Morning flavors (Morocco)
Best Producer    Yu Tang from "Teenagers in the Capital" (China)
Trailblazer Award    Joy Leonard (USA)
Best Achievement in Directing   Michael Matteo Rossi from "Shadows" (USA)
Best Actress in a Leading Role   Elena Ester- from "My culture"(USA)
Best Actor in a Leading Role   Naeim Jebeli from "Pendulum"(Canada)
Best Drama Feature Film   Catching the Breeze(China)
Best Drama Short Film   Swimming (USA)
Best Education Film   My Farmland (Canada)
Cultural Heritage Film Award    Auspicious (China) 
Best Documentary - Feature    Illegal(USA)
Best Documentary - Short    I Resign(USA) 
Best Supporting Actress   Libo Li from "Auspicious"(China)
Best Children's Film    Mt. Molehill (USA)
Best Student Film    Artist's Block(USA)
Best Animated Short   Passage (India)
Best Cinematography Feature Film   My Culture (USA)
Best Cinematography Short  Film   A Separation (USA)
Best Student-Made Documentary   Deaf Reach: Hope for Pakistan(USA)
Best Costume Design   Osun the Goddess (Nigeria)
Best Music Video   White Van (UK)
Screenplay Contest - Best Horror  Screenplayy    Superior Being Part 1 (UK)--- Jaroslaw Gogolin 
Screenplay Contest - Best War Feature Screenplayy   My Dear Enemy (Japan) ----Keiko Tamura, Tasha Hardy
Screenplay Contest - Best Foreign Screenplay   April Days (China)---Shuguang Rao, Mi Yang
Screenplay Contest - Best Short Screenplay   Mijo (USA) ----John McCarney

Official Selections – Feature Films

 A Folksong of Happiness (China)
Auspicious (China)
For All The Brilliant Conversations (United States)
Hidden Love (China)
Illegal (United States)
Kiana’s Apache Ceremony (Morocco)
Catching The Breeze (China)
Morabeza, the Strength of Movement (France)
Mustang Saviors (United States)
My Culture (United States)
My Farmland (Canada)
Osun the Goddess (Nigeria)
Pendulum (Canada)
Reunion of Happiness (China)
Shadows (USA)
Soumaya (France)
The Borderline (Zambia)
The Donbass Children (Bulgaria))  

Official Selections – Short Films: 

A New Start (Singapore)
A Thousand Cranes (United States)
Artist's Block (United States)
Barrio Of Mansions (United States)
Cheer up, Wuhan (china)
Damp Fury (China)
Dark Circle (United States)
I Resign (United States)
Juicy Girl (Korea)
Kama'āina (Child of the Land) (United States)

Marrage (China)
Morning Flavors (Morocco
Mt. Molehill (United States)
Nessun Dorma (China)
Once Upon a Time on All Hallow’s Eve (United Kingdom)
Passage (India)
Requiem for the Living (United Kingdom)
Swimming (United States)
Teenagers in the Capital (China)
Women (United States)


Official Selections – Screenplays

Angel City (United States)
April Days (China)
At The Mercy of Faith - Version 2 (United States)
At The Mercy of Faith - Version 4 (United States)
Call Me Home For Dinner (China)
Conflicted (United States)
Copland In Self Defence (United Kingdom)
Crazy (pilot for a supernatural thriller series) (United States)
Gorger (United Kingdom)
Light Years (United Kingdom)
Massacre In Monkey Bay (Malawi)
My Dear Enemy (Japan)
Pipe Dream (Canada)
Superior Being ( Part 1)(United Kingdom)
Superior Being ( Part 1)(United Kingdom
The Last Princess (China)
The Legend of Manduhai(China)
The Light of Dawn ( China)

Han (Canada)
MIJO (United States)
The Journey of Life (China)
Weekend Warriors (United States)


Official Selections--Youth-Made & Student Films


100% Girl (Taiwan)
90 Days To Leave (India)
Colors of France (United States)
Magic Eyes (Greece)
Multiculturalism (United States)
Vivid Palette (Greece)
Waiting Room (United States)


A Separation (United States)
Artist's Block (United States)
Celebrate The Chinese New Year (China)
Deaf Reach: Hope for Pakistan (United States)
My American Dream (United States)
My Destiny, Their Call (Lebanon) 

Official Selections – Music Videos & TV Episode

A Woman’s Place is in the House (United States)
Black Champagne (United States)
Devotchka "Done With Those Days" (United States)
Imagining China (United States)
One World Family (Germany)
Requiem for the Living (United Kingdom)
White Van (United Kingdom)
Egg Car (Taiwan)

 Original Film Songs


Special Screening Films


  @Universe Multicultural Film Festival, Producer: Lynn Tang, Production Co. Maeya Culture Exchange Group