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About Universe Multicultural Film Festival
Film has the power to bring history to life, open windows into other cultures and engage in a way that no other medium can duplicate. Universe multicultural film festival provides an equal stage for every culture to show and shine.
For film lovers, it is a place for the unique movies that can open their mind and fresh their eyes. For film makers, it is a fantastic place to meet with the others to create cross cultural film project; For distributers, it is a market that have most diversify films to choice for; For locals, it is a wonderful festival that full of fun and cultural education.

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 2018 Universe Multicultural Film Festival 

The Award Winners 
Award   Winner
Grand Jury Prize - Best Feature   Families like Yours (Argentina)
Grand Jury Prize - Best Short    Jackrabbit (USA)  
Lifetime Achievement Award   Gene Warren Jr. 
Trailblazer Award    Vida Ghaffari 
Best Actress in A Leading Role    He Huang (Miaomiao) - Don't Cry, Mom (China) 
Best Actor in A Leading Role    Selim Running Bear Sandoval - Jackrabbit (USA) 
Best Animated Film    Sand Diary (Brazil)  
Best Student Film   Twenty Years After (USA)  
Best Youth-Made Film   In the Trees (USA) 
Best Documentary - Feature    Doctor By Heart (USA) 
Best Documentary - Short    You're Not Alone, Baby (China) 
Best Drama Feature Film    Karma Dog (USA)  
Best Drama Short Film    The Butter Knife (USA) 
Rising Star Award    Tanmay Srivastava (India), Weilisi (China)  
Best Comedy Film    Uncle Oscar (USA)  
Best Romance Feature Film    Meet in Namtso (China)  
Best Romance Short Film   Crackers (USA) 
Best Musical Film   The Pearl Pagoda (China)  
Best Music Video   Wu Wei (USA)  
Best Costume Design    Iniquity (USA)  
Best Cinematography   The Landscape Love (China) 
Screenplay Contest - Best Feature Screenplay    Mad Dash (USA) - William Leonard  
Screenplay Contest - Best Short Screenplay    The Coffin (Netherlands) - Emanuele Pesoli 
Best Original Film Song   Sun Bird Mother of China Tanggu Valley  

Official Selections – Feature Films

Doctor By Heart
Don't Cry Mom
Families like Yours
Fine Dried Noodles
Forced Orphans
Geese Illusory Assembler
Karma Dog
Lotus with Love
Love of Hope
Meet in Namtso
Neeru Thandavaru
Phoenix Sings in Mudong
The Landscape Love
The Pearl Pagoda
Ulan Bator Sleepless  

Official Selections – Short Films:

Arid Dream (Mexico/USA)
Bawod (Philippines)
Be You (USA)
Brazil Carnival Candywitch (Luxembourg)
Caminante (Belgium)
Dance into the Party (USA)
Farm Life PillowTalksSS (Luxembourg)
Gold Fortune (USA)
I Cherish Women (USA)
Iniquity (USA)
Jackrabbit (USA)
Jonah (Austria/Italy)
July Discovery (USA)
Last Black Yak Tent (China)
Little Miser (China)
Love Wins All (USA)
Over The Rainbow (USA)
Perspective (India)
Stay (USA)
The Butter Knife (USA)
The Hammer (USA)
The Last Drumbeat (China)
Troubled Times - Green Day (USA)
Tiraogo (Burkina Faso)
Twenty Years After (USA)
Uncle Oscar (USA)
Undisturbed (USA)
Wu Wei (USA)
You're Not Alone, Baby (China)

Official Selections – Screenplays

Blank Space (USA) - Don Linnehan
Mad Dash (USA) - William Leonard
The Exotic Feelings (China) - Lin Tong
Hey, Cleveland! (USA) - Kasey Williams
I-Bezos (UK) - Neil valentine
The Breakthrough (USA) - Brea Mitchell
The Coffin (Netherlands) - Emanuele Pesoli

Official Selections--Youth-Made & Student Films

 Student Films:
Maydeleh and the Prisoner (USA)
Movement (USA)
Mun?ecas (USA)
Pelo Fuerte (USA)
Sand Diary (Brazil)
Somewhere In Chaos (USA)
The Girl In The Blue Bra (USA)
The Little Dictator (Israel)
The Orange Crayon (USA)
To Have Or Have Not (USA)
Youth-made Films:
Crackers (USA)
House Detention (Germany)
In the Trees (USA)
Override (USA)
Raw Art Works: Home (USA)
The Residency (India)
The Royal Taste (India)
The Sunrise Storyteller (Canada) 

 Original Film Songs

Series: Sun Bird Mother of China Tanggu Valley (China) – Yance Mo, Manyi Liang │ 26:00 │ Symphony
Salvation (USA) – Casey Mariano │ 3:15 │ Electronic Dance Music

Special Screening Films