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March 31-April 2 of 2017, The Universe Multicultural Film Festival present variety screenplays from the global, turn the writings in to real action live shows by the actors from Hollywood.

2017  UMFF Screenplay Show Case Schedule:   April 2, 1-2PM       

Feature Screenplays

A Match Made in Diamond (USA) - Damon Chua Set in modern-day China, this is a romantic comedy about a high-powered matchmaker and entrepreneur Amanda Zhang, who is very successful at running her prestigious matchmaking firm, but poor at sorting out her own love life, until she meets the client of her dreams.
Alejandro (USA) - Paul Paseli Alejandro is only 10 years old after serving his third juvenile delinquency.  He remains detained past his time because no one wants him. He has been a ward of the state since the day he was born living in 10 fosters homes where he had been exploited, neglected and abused. He begins to make significant progress from psychological services while in detention and after he was gradually transferred to a residential program.  However, when his peers continue to tease and bully him repeatedly, he decides to take matters into his own hands in order to put an end to traumatic experiences 
Champion Supreme (USA) - Diane Carey and Greg Brodeur  A boy and his bagpipes cross the lines of culture and attitude. 
 Destiny Authors (Turkey) - Esra Cengel A young man drives from end to end of Istanbul city to indulge his ill father's wish and during his journey he unwittingly causes the deaths of four people who intended to kill his father in the same morning.  
 Finding Hitler (USA) - Ron Mancini It's December 1944. Hitler just launched his offensive in the Ardennes forest. The Allies, fear of the war being extended for years, decide to attempt a daring rate on Hitler's bunker to capture him alive. While in captivity Ryan McCallister, a psychologist for the OSS, is assigned to analyze Hitler to try and discover what made him a mass murderer. While preparing to analyze Hitler, Ryan finds out his estranged father of 30 years has just killed nine in a bar massacre in New Bedford Massachusetts prompting him to investigate his dad's past. While doing so Ryan learns his father may have been suffering from the same mental illness as Adolf Hitler.  
Horace Bell (USA) - Steven Wayne Knight and Liz Baldwin) True Story SUMMARY: When HORACE BELL loses his best friend to murder by the JUAN FLORES (Daniel) gang during the Gold Rush, he vows revenge. Juan, besieged by his own demons, leads a Mexican army of ex-cons and displaced vaqueros to restore California to Mexico. 
Katana (USA) - Paul Paseli There is a long-held political intrigue hidden within the echelons of the federal government. Anyone who stumbles upon the conspiracy is destined to meet with foul play. When the daughter [Makayla] of the president puts her nose where it dosen’t belong, she is immediately taken out. The secret service agent [Yakamoto] assigned to her security detail is framed to stand accused of her murder. When it becomes apparent that Agent Yakamoto also knows too much, he is taken out and anyone else connected to his case or daring to uncover the political obscurities and the deadly covert operatives. In spite of ominous threats and mysterious deaths, the daughter [Katana] of Agent Yakamoto seeks to find and expose the veiled homicide conspirators. 
Magneticty (USA) - Michael Toay and Mike Shields II When a divorced single dad is accidentally magnetized , he tries to impress his son by becoming a superhero.  Instead, he inadvertently helps bank robbers steal a military payroll, thereby convincing a wacky and paranoid military General (think Colonel Flagg from M*A*S*H) that he's a saboteur who must be captured in order to acquire the secret of his magnetic powers. 
Parallel Actions (Nigeria) - Kathy Krantz Stewart JARLO JAMO, 18, is an orphan, who grew up under the care of his grandfather, JAMO, 74, a rural primary school headmaster in Nigeria, but a great philosopher and disciplinarian. He enrolled JARLO into one of the best universities in the country with the hope that JARLO would acquire a quality education and rid the family of poverty. But JARLO went astray, became a drunkard and addict. His girlfriend and a university classmate, ZAINAB SHARIF SULEI, 16, put in the best of her effort and pulled him out of the incriminating habits. His decision to repent from the criminal acts did not go down well with his gang members; they victimized him and jailed him for over two years. Unbeknown to them, that was a turning point for his life. He turns against his gang and dealt with the members decisively 
Shine Your Eyes (USA) - Clint Pearson Betrayal took away her friend, deception took away her lover, and a videotape stole her dignity. Fighting back was all she had left.
 Taking Down The Met (USA) - Andrea Forrest  The line between forgery and reality is blurred.
The Cupids (China) - Mei Wang In such kind of social environment that people become more and more indifferent and gradually lose their abilities to love. Yuelao, a Chinese god of love, and Qiubi prevent the plot from the eldest Chinese matchmaker Fake, a villain, in ways of eastern and western styles respectively. They evoke the desire for love from Fake¡¯s subordinate Jixiang, helping people obtain love and making the world full of love.
The Cut(UK) - Christopher Kerr Two young men must find their passage through the canals of post-apocalyptic London, to peace and freedom, in the "promised land" beyond: Bristol.
The Hong Kong Rescue Story (China) - Weicong Bao At the end of 1941, the Pacific war broke out, Hong Kong was occupied by the Japanese¡£ In order to achieve the Hong Kong region and Controlof whole Chinese culture ¡£The Japanese searching for patriots and cultural celebrities stranded in Hong Kong .The south bureau Party Secretary Zhou Enlai personally directed the South Bureau immediately launched the rescue and search in Hong Kong.Mao Dun, Xia Yan, Zou Taofen, Liu Yazi, and other people, such as the more than 800.And for the sake of self-protection, they have concealment, cut off contact with the outside world.Bring great difficulties to the rescue work.Ye Wenqiang the Captain of Dongjiang Guerrilla reached a cooperation to save people with Pan Baoquan a bully of Hongkong.Two guy have just entered Hongkong, the Japanese spy was eyeing.Japanese spy chief Jiu Gong Qing Zhang try to use them to bait cited cultural people appeared.A trap net is spread all over the city...
 Voodoo Love (USA) - Mario Pineda A "barren" voodoo princes from Colombia who is a cancer patient, meets an inexperienced monk in Los Angeles. He commits to saving her from the cancer and from voodoo, not knowing she will try to kill him for a material boon. Against all odds, due to the grace of life and the power of love, they give balance to each other, marry and have the greatest miracle become part of their lives. They have two babies!

Short Screenplays 

 Cream Cakes (Brother Unwanted) (USA) - Vicki Bartholomew BaoYu has her mother's full attention until Shuan marries a widower with a son. This 5-page scene (brother unwanted) takes place when BaoYu is confronted by the marriage. The story Cream Cakes ends with BaoYu learning what a family really is, and she changes her selfish attitude to learn to love her new father, new brother and others. 
Crystallization (Iran) - Iman Davari  The Qari of Quran faces with some problems after his winning at Quran competitions. He bacame like a cockroach and faces with lots of problems, but he continues his way.  
Road to NGAF (USA) - Pablo Luis Perez  Three misfit strangers from different walks in life embark on a road trip and discover that even a minor interest can create a lifelong bond. 
 Tagged (USA) - David-Matthew Barnes After the homicide of her older brother, sixteen-year-old Cha¡¯Relle is determined to keep his memory alive by creating a mural in his honor on a brick wall in their neighborhood, despite the possibility of being caught and charged with a crime. Knowing a white police officer is sitting in a bakery across the street and watching their every move, classmate Jo Lee is determined to convince Cha¡¯Relle not to paint. Fully aware of the consequences, Cha'Relle contemplates facing the challenge head on.  
 The Translator (USA) - James Steed An American man and a Lithuanian woman vacationing in Japan have fall in love through a series of translations. The translator, caught between mending the relationship with her sister and a broken childhood, decides the puppet strings are out. As the conversation begins to take on a new life of its own in the false body language, the emotional past of the translator stirs up a stiletto of words that drive into the heart. Will the lovers uncover the truth? Can love find a way to break down their language barrier? In the vein of the 1947 noir film 'Raw Deal' comes the short film, The Translator; a psychological thriller that will reveal how powerful and twisted our words can really can be.;
 Warm Winter (China) - Yucheng He Foreign student Yu Tang, gets angry from the noise come from the street in the early morning. Later on, he found out the event was for a good cause of a little girl who’s disappoint eyes made him feel sad. He start to take action to correct it after back to China