2013 Universe Multicultural Film Festival

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Advisor Board

Whip Hubley
Raju Chhabria

Management Team:
Lisa Brimm
Judy Hu
Ni Huang
Catherine Clinch

Screenplay Show Case:
Laura Cohen

St Culture Advocacy
Thomas T. Chan

Media Partners:

Tlemundo 52
Tlemundo 62
Universal Film Magazine
Xinhua News
We Chinese
China Press
Penisula People
Daily Breeze


Festival Partners:
Broadway International Film Festival Los Angeles

San Diego International Children's Film Festival

Film Jury:
Ziggy Mrkich
Bernard Clinch
Sally Lee Wu
Eric Brodeur
Catherine Clinch
Qian Ning

Youth Jury:
Thandizar Easley
Aimee Chao
Julie Zhang

Supprting Artists:
Frankie & Rufus
Cady Mariano
Dylan Nalbandian
Zachary Snead

Sherwood Jones

About Universe Multicultural Film Festival
Film has the power to bring history to life, open windows into other cultures and engage in a way that no other medium can duplicate. Universe multicultural film festival provides an equal stage for every culture to show and shine.
For film lovers, it is a place for the unique movies that can open their mind and fresh their eyes. For film makers, it is a fantastic place to meet with the others to create cross cultural film project; For distributers, it is a market that have most diversify films to choice for; For locals, it is a wonderful festival that full of fun and cultural education.
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2013 UMFF filmmaker tribute to
Christopher R. Coppola


2013 UMFF Official Selections

Below are the official selections for the 2013 Universe Multicultural Film Festival:
2013 Short Films
Mother's Dinner, U.S.A
Folk wisdom, Ukraine
Mosquito Flu, China
La Mirada Perdida (The Missing Looks), Argentina
Aquetzalli, Cuba
Los Anfitriones (The Hosts), Cuba
Como Enciendes Tus Ideas, Durango
A Ray of Sunshine, China
El cortejo, Spain
The Further Adventures Of., U.S.A
Later never comes, U.S.A
L'equip petit (The Little Team), Spain
El Forjador De Historias(The story maker), Spain
Morpho, Mexico
Secretos, Argentina
2013 Screenplays
Cream Cakes; Vicki Bartholomew, USA
Love, Tagged; Pingru Li, China
2013 Feature Films
My Friend Rashed; Bangladesh
I Want To Be With You, China
Swingman, U.S.A
The Rise Of King Modu, China
Independence. 7300 days, Ukraine
Secreto de Cabaret (Secret of Cabaret), Mexico
NANA, China
Made in Poland, Poland
The Lore on Execution Ground, China
The Queen Has No Crown, Israel
The Destiny, China
Gerardi, Guatemala
Children of the Silver Screen, China
Joanna, Poland
Haohao Survived In Jokes City, China
The Rightless, Cuba
Book Angel, China
We're Gonna Make It, Ecuador
Wu Jian Xiong, China
Reviviendo El Amor (Reviving the love), Mexico
Ciluo's Qinghai Lake, China
Paraiso, Peru
Life Behind The Door, U.S.A
Great Singer on the Horseback, China
Notturno In The Fisherboat, China
Pay father's debt, China
Justicia por Amor (Justice for love), Mexico
2013 Forum Films
Day of Silence U.S.A
The Last Shaman of East Ewenki, China
Born to Bully U.S.A
Ni Village by the Mountain and Sea (97Min.) China
2013 Presentation Films
The Last Homecoming; Cyprus
Bird Nest; China
The Olive Tree and Olive Oil of Cyprus; Cyprus