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Universe Multicultural Film Festival--2013
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This year, Universe Multicultural Film Festival (UMFF) is proud to present a select group of 33 full length and 17 short films representing variety geography and cultural heritage from over 12 countires.
The feature films are:

Book Angel (Animation,90 Min.)China
Director: Zuofeng Liu
Production Company: Xianghong Movies & Television Company
Synopsis: A little boy's adventure in animal kingdom and expresses the friendship between this boy and other animals under the natural disasters.
Personal Appearance: Mr. Can Wang
Children of the Silver Screen (95Min.) China
Director: Yi Liu, Xun Liu
Producer: Fang Zhang
Screenwriter: Fang Zhang
Production Company: Henan Haotai Culture Communication Co., Ltd
Synopsis: This movie is a Chinese Yu Opera version of "Song of Music". It describes how a couple film makers contribute their life into the development of movie industry in China.
Personal Appearance: Mr. Ping Dong, Ms.Suping He, Ms.Yanying Zuo.

Ciluo's Qinghai Lake (90 Min) China
Director: Xiaobao Lei
Producer: Jianguo Wang, Ailing Lv
Screenwriter: Wensheng Shen, Xiaobao lei, Liang He
Production Company: Shanxi Tianpu Television Culture Co., Ltd
Synopsis: After a tourist shared binocular to view the lake with 9 year old Ciluo, his whole dream is to have a binocular himself. He has been trying all the way in order to own a binocular so that he can see better of the Qinghai Lake....
Personal Appearance: Mr.Xiaobao Lei, Mr.Jianguo Wang

 Gerardi (90 Min) Guatemala
Director: Sammy Morales, Jimmy Morales
Producer: Jimmy Morales, Sammy Morales
Production Company: UNA Production De Moralejas S.A.
Synopsis: This film describes how the man named Monsenor Gerardi raised people's hope and defended human right in Guatemala war, and becomes a famous leader in the history.

Great Singer on the Horseback (93Min.)China
Director: Bao, Nayingtai
Producer: Youzhi Jie
Production Company: Inner Mongolia Film Studio
Synopsis: This movie expresses the legendary life of the long song singer, Hazabu and the elegant of the long song art.
Personal Appearance: Mr. Bao, Nayingtai

Haohao Survived In Jokes City (Animation, 85min.) China
Director: Ranhao He
Producer/Screenwriter: Hong Ran
Animator: Ranhao He
Production Company: Beijing Haohao Tech. Development Co., Ltd
Synopsis: Little kids Haohao has a very interesting trip in jokes city, experience with all different things related with the Chinese language character
Personal Appearance: Ms. Hong Ran

Independence. 7300 days (Documentary, 53.44Min) Ukraine
Director: Dmytro Danylov
Screenwriter/Producer: Olga Boiko
Production Company: National Television Company of Ukraine
Synopsis: The history of modern independent Ukraine was started well before 1991. Gorbachev has launched political and economic reforms. New history of an independent state is told by dissidents, political actors and presidents of Ukraine. Main events, which became steps to a dream, year by year, are in the focus of the documentary journalists of the First National Channel.

 I Want To Be With You (90Min.) China
Director: Yaoping Song
Producer: Yanfang Peng, Jicheng Song
Screenwriter: Ruqiao Li
Production Company: Hubei Film Production Company
Synopsis: A love story. A girl fall in love with a popular boy, no one believed it, till many things happened ...
Personal Appearance: Mr.Yaoping Song, Mr.Jicheng Song, Mr.Haichen Shi, Ms.Jin Yin, Mr.Muxi Feng
 Joanna (105Min) Poland
Director: Feliks Falk
Producer: Michal Kwieclnski
Production Company: Akson Studio
Synopsis: In the midst of the WW2, a Jewish woman is taken away, while her 8-year-old daughter accidentally manages to avoid the seizure. Joanna feels a natural, strong urge to help, but doesn't know anyone in the underground opposition who would be able to secure a safe haven for the Jewish child.

Justicia por Amor (Justice for love) (77Min) Mexico
Director: Emilio Vega
Production Company: Arco Del Triunfo Productions
Synopsis: If you lie to love, you will be punished. A girl was cheated by a guy in the name of love, but sooner or later the guy will be punished by the life..

Life Behind The Door (80 Min) USA
Director: Emilio Vega
Production Company: Arco Del Triunfo Productions
Synopsis: Gerardo was born as a boy who likes dolls but not cars, as his father wishes. And as he grow up, he was kicked out the house because of he is a gay. This story describes how he and his friend fight for the human rights in their life.

 Made in Poland (90 Min) Poland
Director: Przemek Wojcieszek
Screenwriter: Przemek Wojcieszek
Producer: Pawel Rakowski, Rafal Widajewicz
Production Company: Skorpion Art, Gruppa, Canal +
Synopsis: One day, a 17-year-old altar-boy - Bogus - wakes up and realizes that the only message he wants to convey to the world is closed in the phrase "fuck off". He hence tattoos it on his forehead...

NANA (103Min) China
Director: Zi Yang
Producer: Shumei Wang
Screenwriter: Zi Yang
Production Company: Beijing cathay view culture media co., Ltd
Synopsis: Yanna Wang is a Han migrant female worker in Urumqi. Occasionally she saw the news that a Xinjiang Uygur student Mao is in the end-stage of renal failure, Yanna decided to donate her kidney to help the stranger Mao...
Personal Appearance: Mr.Shengtian Shi; Ms. Shumei Wang

Notturno In The Fisherboat (93Min) China
Director: Xiaogang Fang
Producer: Hongbo Xu
Screenwriter: Shulin Zhao, Rumin Han
Production Company: Zhejiang Yitu Film & Television Culture Co., Ltd
Synopsis: Young mother Shulan worked hard as the owner of a fish farm. After the storm takes away her husband's life, she carries on the duty alone. A friend of her husband comes into her life, but face big resistant from all over the village...
Personal Appearance: Mr.Xiaogang Fang

My Friend Rashed (95 Min) Bangladesh
Executive Producer: Munira Morshed Munni
Producer: Faridur Reza Sagar
Production Company: Monon Chalachitra & Impress Telefilm Ltd.
Synopsis: It is the story of 1971 liberation war seen through the eyes of a young boy. When the boys fails to comprehend the impact of extremely troubling days of 1971, in his unique way, politely conscious Rashes explains its significance to them.

Pay Father's Debt (90min) China
Director: Mr. Jianyong Chen
Screen Writer: Mr.Jun Shi; Weicheng Shi
Producer: Mr.Yong Chun Hu
Production company: Jiangxi Tian Di Hero culture media Co.
Synopsis: This is a film based on a real story that related about promise. Mr. Zheng spend 67 years of his hard work and live thrifty to pay back his father's debts that caused by a fire, just to keep the oral promise that his father told his business clients.

 Paraiso (83 Min) Peru
Director: Hector Galvez
Producer: Enid Campos, Josue Mendez
Production Company: Chullachaki Cine, Enid Campos
Synopsis: Joaquín, Antuanet, Lalo, Mario and Sara live in a small town, seeing how day to day the milieu around them denies their dreams and opportunities. They feel they have to do something about it...

Reviviendo El Amor (Reviving the love)(70Min) Mexico
Director: Emilio Vega
Producer: Emilio Vega
Production Company: Arco Del Triunfo Productions
Synopsis: This movie expresses how a girl named Sophie has been experienced in a different country and finally found her love

 Secreto de Cabaret (Secret of Cabaret)(108Min) Mexico
Director: Emilio Vega
Production Company: Arco Del Triunfo Productions
Synopsis: After losing their parents, the oldest sister was responsible of taking care of the whole family and protecting their youngest brother. The family got survived even though they had met so many problems and it was all because of their oldest sister's hard working..

Swingman (54Min) U.S.A
Director: Mark Birnbaum
Producer: Mark Birnbaum
Production Company: Mark Birnbaum Productions
Synopsis: Firefighter Marshall Allen always said when the Grim Reaper came calling, they would find claw marks on the wall where he fought him to the end. A man of his word, Capt. Allen fought back and won. You might just see a quadriplegic in a wheelchair...you would be wrong.

The Destiny (94.22Min) China
Director: Ren Peng
Producer(s): Shen Jinhu , Shen Yan, Zhang San
Screenwriter(s): Lu Donghong, Pan Shuhua, Zhu Jianlong
Production Company: Suzhou Jinquanhua Cultural Development Co., Ltd; Zhengzhou Opera Institute
Synopsis: in the 1930s, a southern woman Yulian married with a man in Yin family, but the bridegroom was not the man who's supposed to be her husband-Mingxuan, but Mingxuan's younger brother-Minghao. It's not rare in China at that time, but the destiny started to play a trick on her...
Personal Appearance: Mr. Peng Ren

The Lore on Execution Ground (117 Min) China
Director: Zhaowei Zhu
Producer: Xingjun Gao
Screenwriter: Xianzhang Chen
Production Company: Henan Films and Television Production Group Co.,Ltd
Synopsis: At Song dynasty, the two powerful government officers arranged marriage for their kids. When Li's political career got in trouble, his older son was on the boarder to defeat the invasion and second son get homeless. Huang want to invalidate the marriage arrangement, but his daughter wants to keep this promise and try all to help the Li's.
Personal Appearance: Mr.Zhaowei Zhu; Ms. Meiling Hu

The Queen Has No Crown (82 Min) Israel
Director: Tomer Heymann
Producer: Tomer Heymann & Barak Heymann
Screenwriter: Tomer Heymann
Production Company: Heymann brothers Films
Synopsis: "The Queen Has No Crown" is a poignant meditation on family, loss, and the mental maps of homelessness. The film navigates the intimate lives of five brothers and their mother, over the courses of a decade, through the pains of exile and the joys of family bonding. Exploring the politics of belonging, displacement, and homosexuality, the film examines the hard decisions on Israeli family has to make and the intractable bonds that unite them in the face of complicated life choices.

The Rise Of King Modu (94 Min) China
Director: Zhi Guo, Nan Yi
Producer: Guang Chen, Liang Tang
Screenwriter: Liang Tang, Jun Yan
Animator: Shandong Tangren Culture Media Co., Ltd
Production Company: China Film Art Research Center
Synopsis: Around B.C 220, Hun's leader planed to dethroned the eldest and throne the youngest. The eldest son Modu decides to get the throne himself. The strong neighbor country want to take advantage of the new young king, Modu lead the soldiers to win and commended the whole grassland in north China...
Personal Appearance: Mr.Liang Tang; Mr. Zhi Guo; Mr.Xiaoqing Guo; Ms.Jia Xia

 The Rightless (65 Min) Cuba
Director: Daniel Urdanivia
Producer: Pedro Crozo
Production Company: Calico Productions Inc.
Synopsis: The No Rightless, is the description by witnesses of how in Cuba are violated systematically and permanently the rights of its citizens. The different exposures collected varied form, but constant, resorted to by the Cuban authorities to prevent people from making use of rights such as freedom of expression and information, freedom of movement, racial discrimination and abuse suffered by prisoners politicians.

 We're Gonna Make It (43Min) Manabiļ¼ Ecuador
Director: Stalin Sancan Gonzalez
Screenwriter: Lolita Rivera, Angela Almenaba, Belen Lara
Production Company: Montoneros Productions

 Wu Jian Xiong (Animation,90Min.) China
Director: Jianhua Zhang
Producer: Jianhua Zhang, Yanjun Liu
Production Company: Huayu Animation Company
Synopsis: Animation a story for a very famous Chinese woman scientist.
Personal Appearance: Mr. Jianhua Zhang

 The Olive Tree and Olive Oil of Cypus (Documentary, 52Min.) (Cypus)
Director: Paschalis Papapetrou
Screenwriter: Paschalis Papapetrou
Synopsis: This film immortalizes scenes encompassing some of the protagonists of Cyprus' rural life. It makes reference to olive-oil production methods during antiquity, as well as to the relationship between both the olive-tree and olive-oil with the Orthodox Christian faith.

The Last Homecoming (85Min. ) Cyprus
Director: Korinna Avraamidou
Producer: Korinna Avraamidou
Screenwriter: Korinna Avraamidou
Synopsis: This nostalgic film shows the everyday events of a small group of Greek Cypriots and their Turkish Cypriot neighbors just prior to the cataclysmic events of 1974, when the island was engulfed in an uprising which led to the Turkish invasion and the ongoing occupation of the island of Cyprus.

Bird's Nest (86Min.) China
Screenwriter/Director: Ning, Jingwu
Producer: Zhang, Yang
Production Company: Beijing Spring Thunder Films Co. Ltd, & Beijing Forbidden City Film Co.
Synopsis: This film describes a boy's journey to visit his father who works for the Stadium of 2008 Beijing Olympic (nick named "Bird's Nest ")

Li Village by the Mountain and Sea (97Min.) China
Director: Fan He
Producer: Jian Ying
Screenwriter: Bo Hu, Lailong Xie
Production Company: Hainan Zhigu Culture Development Co.,Ltd.; Zhongtian Taihe (Beijing) Culture Media Co., Ltd.
Synopsis: Xu is a rich boy from Beijing, came to Changjiang for seeking his love, and met the local people who impressed him by their true feelings. Eventually he eliminated his selfish and knew what love really is.

 The Last Shaman of East Ewenki (100Min.) China
Director: Minghua Bilie; Kaichen Han (Condor Han)
Producer: Wang Di (Wendy Wang); Wang Luhan (Wenny Wang)
Production Company: Beijing Gosin Jurgan Film Co., Ltd
Synopsis: Ewenki is a tribe that they believed in the Shaman (an Eastern sorcery) that moved with the reindeer according to their choice of food, and hunted for a living. Shaman Nidu lost his life to protect his tribe. Nihao took his place, her life as Shaman begins...

The Shorts Films are :

Folk wisdom (5Min) Ukraine
Director: Stepan Koval
Screenwritier/Producer: Yuliia Hrybanova
Production Company: National Television Company of Ukraine
Synopsis: The whole complexity and diversity of Ukrainian color clearly reflected in proverbs and sayings. It fulfills a particular social mission as focused on the distribution of Ukrainian culture for the general audience of viewers.

A Ray of Sunshine (28.08Min) China
Director: Xiaojun Dong
Producer: Xiaojun Dong
Screenwriter: Xiaojun Dong, Tingting Li, Yunchong Duan
Synopsis: This is a touching story about a college student who went to the countryside to help a village child, whose parents had gone to the city for jobs.
Personal Appearance: Ms.Haifeng Yu, Mr.Baohua Yang

 Como Enciendes Tus Ideas (4Min) Durango, Mexico
 Secretos (14Min) Argentina
Director: Daniel Martin Rodriguez

 El cortejo (14 Min) Spain
Director/Screenwriter: Marina Seresesky
Producer: Alvaro Lavin
Production Company: Meridional Producciones
Synopsis: Capi is the oldest gravedigger in the cemetery. Used to working amidst the suffering of others and the jokes of his colleagues, there is only one person capable of taking him out of his daily routine. Every month for the last couple of years he has waited for Marta to take flowers to the grave of her husband. She is his last hope.

Later never comes (30 Min) U.S.A
Director: Michael Mesa
Producer: William E. Ogaz
Production Company: Gate 9 studios

La Mirada Perdida (11Min) Argentina
Director: Damian Dionisio
Producer: Damian Dionisio
Animator: Maxi Bearzi
Production Company: OSOM FILMS
Synopsis: Argentina, 1976. Claude is forced to live with his family in hiding, due to his political ideals. The house in which they live is discovered by the militars. No time to flee, Teresa try to shelter his daughter in a fantasy world to avoid the girl look at the horror they are about to live
Mosquito Flu (5.09Min) China
Director: Shushun Guo
Screenwriter: Li Qu
Animator: Yu Wang, Fang Wang, Li Qu
Synopsis: SARS and some other epidemic that caused by animals are nightmares of people. Recently, a normal thing - suck people's blood that happened in the mosquito world lead to an abnormal result, that mosquitoes are getting through a disaster: Mosquito flu killed most mosquitoes, and who will be the next one?

 L'equip petit (9Min) Spain
Director: Roger Gomez, Dani Resines
Producer: Cristina Sanchez
Screenwriter: El Cangrejo
Production Company: El Cangrejo elcangrejo.tv
Synopsis: Fourteen little kids go over an unsolved football mystery, and they end up teaching and unexpected life lesson to grown-ups

 Los Anfitriones (The Hosts) (16.20Min) Cuba
Director: Miguel Angel Moulet
Screenwriter: Miguel Angel Moulet
Synopsis: Felix is 65 years old and takes care of the pigs in a village pigsty. Josefina, his wife, is in hospital for medical tests. Felix has an accident that brings him closer to death and affects his daily routine. He recovers, and when Josefina arrives with fateful news, they face the problem in the only possible way.

Mother's Dinner (13.56Min) U.S.A
Director: Shih Hsiung Chen
Producer: Shih Hsiung Chen
Screenwriter: Shih Hsiung Chen
Synopsis: Young mother is busy with her work and children, while the old mother is in the needy for her children too...

 El Forjador De Historias (The Storymaker) (15 Min) Spain
Director: Jose Gomez Gallego
Screenwriter/Producer: Jose Gomez Gallego
Production Company: Kuvkachin Ruvchosk A Marcos Abad Victor Martins
Synopsis: With my hammer I forge the story of every life, of every person. The most wonderful moments, the most humble, the most fabulous... All of them have been conceived by me.
 Morpho (14Min) Mexico
Director: Dorian Aguilera Espinosa

Aquetzalli (5 Min); Cuba
Director: Dorian Aguilera
The Further Adventures Of.. (11Min) U.S.A
Director: Mike Snields
Producer: Mike Snields
Screenwriter: Mike Snields
Production Company: Team 33 Productions
Synopsis: A superhero comes out retirement to fight new evil in the peaceful town of seacoast city

Day of Silence (20Min.) U.S.A
Director: Gerry Orz
Producer: Gerry Orz
Screenwriter: Gerry Orz
Production Company: Higher Ground Production
Synopsis: Adam is moving to new town. On his first day, Adam's sister, trying to convince him to tell his parents the truth, but he refuses. When he is pushed to the limit, he decides to fight his bully and it all ends tragically.

Born to Bully (15Min.) U.S.A
Director: Gerry Orz
Producer: Gerry Orz
Screenwriter: Gerry Orz
Production Company: Higher Ground Production
Synopsis: "Born to Bully" depicts issues in today's society showing how Nathan became a bully and what could have been done differently to avoid tragic consequences for both characters.