2017UMFF Successful Stories

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 June 12, 2017

The 2017 Universe Multicultural Film Festival successful Stories 

Which project broke out of the just-concluded Universe Multicultural Film Festival in a significant way?  

  1. The Hollywood All Stars film “Senior Entourage” , director Brain Connors get post production fund from  a investor (Shumei Wang) at the “ Pitch & Catch” panel.


 2. The award winner screenplay “ The Cupids” , just get $5.7million investment to make it a  international feature film. This film will have director, screenwriter, cinema photographer, etc. from Hollywood to work with film crew in China and Greece.  Maeya Films  ( USA) and Zhui Mu Picture ( China) will co-produce this film and it will be distributed to worldwide in multiple languages. The filming time will be Jan. 2018