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Advisor Board

Whip Hubley
Raju Chhabria
Christopher Coppola

Management Team:
Tracy Reiner -Chair
Lynn Tang
Hui-Jun Jian
Ni Huang
Zhuo Chen
Sherwood Jones
Shimiao Li
Hang Sun
He Huang

Screenplay Show Case
Nick Rapp
Zhuo Chen
Hanxi Li
Aina Feng
Grace K. Lee

St Culture Advocacy

Media Partners:
Tlemundo 52
Tlemundo 62
Universal Film Magazine
Xinhua News
We Chinese
China Press
Penisula People
Daily Breeze
ASTA Network (US)

Festival Partners:
Broadway International Film Festival Los Angeles

San Diego International Kid's Film Festival


Epic ACG Fest

Film Jury:
Emillo Vega
Ziggy Mrkich
Bernard Clinch
Sally Lee Wu
Eric Brodeur
Catherine Clinch
Randy Berle
Jacob N. Stuart
Jalleh Doty
Serita Stevens

Ary Jury:
Jon Allen
He Huang
Marco Rea
R Victoria Jodis

Supprting Artists:

Xingjian Dance Studio; 
The Sophisticated Player;
The Orange County Song of Songs Chorus;
Kwan Gyu Lim Dance Company;
The UCLA Chinese Cultural Dance Club;
Siyuan Liu;
Cady Mariano

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About Universe Multicultural Film Festival
Film has the power to bring history to life, open windows into other cultures and engage in a way that no other medium can duplicate. Universe multicultural film festival provides an equal stage for every culture to show and shine.
For film lovers, it is a place for the unique movies that can open their mind and fresh their eyes. For film makers, it is a fantastic place to meet with the others to create cross cultural film project; For distributers, it is a market that have most diversify films to choice for; For locals, it is a wonderful festival that full of fun and cultural education.

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 2015 Universe Multicultural Film Festival Award Winners

Award Winner
Grand Jury Prize - Best Feature The Guide (Ukraine)
Grand Jury Prize - Best Short Letterbox (UK)
 Best Achievement in Directing Albane Fioretti, Lou-Brice Leonard 
- Every Day is A Small Life (France) 
 Best Actor in A Leading Role Stanislav Boklan - The Guide (Ukraine) 
Best Actress in A Leading Role  Marie-Stephane Cattaneo - Head-to-Head (France) 
Best Screenplay Rice Wine (China)
Culture Heritage Film Award Yi Girl Camellia (China)
Achievement in Cultural Heritage Nuoming huari
Best Animated Film Blue Eyes in Harbor Tale (Japan)
Best Student Film - Feature 196 (Russia)
Best Student Film - Short Me Buddy, Muhammad (Ireland)
Best Documentary - Feature Arctic Odyssey (France)
Best Documentary - Short Alegria - A Humanitarian Expedition (Switzerland)
Best Educational Film Number 7 (China)
 Best Mixed Media Something Important (USA) 
 Best Musical Film The Lead Singer and Dancer and His Woman (China) 
 Best Music Video Tell Me (Slovenia) 
Best Children's Film Hmong Kid (China)
Screenplay Contest - 1st Prize The Night Witches (UK) - Steven John Prowse
Screenplay Contest - 2nd Prize Grace (Canada) - Lynda Lemberg & Jeffrey Allen Russel
Screenplay Contest - 3rd Prize Didi, Bahini (USA) - Sandra Hunnicutt
Best Qipao Show Artist Mia Lee
Official Selections – Feature Films

Official Selections – Screenplays

-196 (Russia)
Arctic Odyssey (France)
Decoding Baqtun (USA)
Feeling the Love Flute (China)
Hmong Kid (China)
King's Seal (Australia)
Kyra Kyralina (Romania)
My Grandmoth is An Angle (China)
Number 7 (China)
Open Your Heart (China)
The Guide (Ukraine)
The Last Headwoman (China)
The Lead Singer and Dancer and His Woman (China)
The Other Night (China)
Wazi FM (Kenya)
Where is Elle-Kari and what happened to Noriko-San (Israel)
Yi Girl Camellia (China)

Feature Screenplays
           The Final Decline of the Cuan Dynasty (China) - Yuanshu Luo
Diamond is Forever (United States) - Mike Shields
Didi, Bahini (United States) - Sandra Hunnicutt
Eleven Days (Australia) - Jaginder Singh
Feeling the Love Flute (China) - Ping Jiang
Grace (Canada) - Lynda Lemberg & Jeffrey Allen Russel
Halfway Home (United States) - David J Schroeder
The Kingfisher (United States) - Jeff Bowers
The Night Witches (United Kingdom) - Steven John Prowse

Short Screenplays
10 Minutes (United States) - Marianne Case
Between Darkness and Light (United States) - Jake Teeny
First Day (United States) - Anabelle Vo

Official Selections – Short Films:

3 Russian Words (Russia)
5562 (USA)
A Piece of Green (Japan)
Alegria - A Humanitarian Expedition
Ali's Letter (India)
Armé (Sweden)
Beautiful (Australia)
Between the Lines (Germany)
Blue Eyes in Harbor Tale (Japan)
Busking in Thessaloniki (Greece)
Can't Give Up on You (Australia)
Carme's Angels (Spain)
Chachi's Funeral (India)
D. Asian ( USA)
Daily Lives at Daisy Lodge (Japan)
Do As the Fish Tells You (Japan)
Doron Coron (Japan)
Every Day is A Small Life (France)
Everyday Sins (Japan)
Garden's Road (Spain)
Growth Factor (Japan)
Harbor Tale (Japan)
Have You Met Miss Jones? (USA)
Head-to-Head (France)
I Know You (United Kingdom)
Letterbox (United Kingdom)
Look No More (USA)
Masheenee Alcketiara (Kuwait)
Me Buddy, Muhammad (Ireland)
Milk Teeth (Austria)
My Frame (Japan)
My Milk Cup Cow (Japan)
Not Anymore (USA)
Pearl: Harbor December 7 (USA)
Plastic Glory (USA)
Playground (Japan)
Praanam (India)
Re÷belief (USA)
Rice Wine (China)
Rise (United Arab Emirates)
Rock is Not an Attitude (USA)
Run Crab Run! (USA)
Something Important (USA)
Start A Revolution (New Zealand)
Tell Me (Slovenia)
The 40 Martyr of Famagusta (Singapore)
The Beggar (Iran)
The Emotional Dimensions of the James
River (USA)
The Man from Jalisco (USA)
The Urban World (USA)
The Violinist (USA)
To the Sea (Brazil)
Visibility (Russia)
Way Back to the Sea (Japan)
Yokohama Tale (Japan)

Special Screening Films: 

Meet In Pyong Yang (North Korea &China) Silent Siege (USA)
Frontera Camino Al Infierno ( Cross Border) ( Mexico) Pray (Mongolian,China)