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Universe Multicultural Film Festival--2014
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 2014 UMFF " Multicultural Screenplay" Panel

As screenwriters, the first question we ask is "What is the story?", but how often do we first ask, "Where does my story take place"? Do we challenge ourselves to write a story set in another country? Can we write a story that will entertain in both the host country and our own? And vice versa? Hear how our panelists have succeeded in writing screenplays to interest and educate in today's cross cultural film industry.


Jacob N. Stuart | Founder of Screenwriting Staffing Utopia (USA)
Jacob is an award-winning, produced, and represented screenwriter. His films have aired in over 7 different countries. He is the CEO/Founder of Screenwriting Staffing Utopia. He is also a frequent screenwriting instructor for SellingYourScreenplay.com. In his spare time, he frequently writes columns for the Screenwriting Standard, Los Angeles Informer, and the Las Vegas Tribune. Jacob currently has 1 screenplay optioned, and 2 screenplays in pre-production. Jacob earned a degree at The Los Angeles Film School, with a concentration in screenwriting. Jacob previously worked as a script consultant for the award-winning Ensign Media. Outside of writing his own scripts, he has written coverage for the BlueCat Screenplay Competition, ASU Screenplay Contest, and SSU DigiPitchFest
Xiaoliang Zhang; Producer (China)
Xiaoliang Zhang is the President of Huizhongchengtian Film&Television Culture Media Co., Ltd. He started his career as a cinematographer, and later broadened his field to screenwriting and film, television and gala production. His films and screenplays has received awards from both domestic and international stages, including China Huabiao Film Awards, San Diego International Kids' Film Festival and other awards.

Peter Russell; Writer (USA)
Peter Russell is owner and teacher of his film school How Movies Work - a film school that now teaches film classes all over the world. Along with his partner Cecilia Russell, he has helped shape film stories for many film/television studios and various independent producers and screenwriters. Meanwhile, Russell is a writer and a professor at UCLA's Entertainment Division of the Extension School for film and television stories. He and his partner's new book, The Hidden Patterns of Hit Hollywood Movies is also coming out in 2014.

Junfeng Liu; Screenwriter
Junfeng Liu is a screenwriter and film critic. She creates a world of fantasy and combines it with traditional culture and customs for kids through her work. According to Junfeng, her works are mostly inspired by her own kids. She dedicates her work to passing on the idea of peace and love to the next generation. Her work "The Rose's Fairy Legend" has been selected as the 2014 UMFF's official selection of screenplays.
Jiahan Cai, Screenwriter (USA)
Jiahan Cai is the co-founder of "ScreenSpirit". She is an experienced professional screenwriter. She gained her master degree in Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design, UK and studied Film Producing in UCLA. She is interested in screenwriting format standardising and co-production between China and Hollywood.
  Sun Bin, Screenplay Software Developer (USA)
Sun Bin is the founder and chief technical architect of "ScreenSpirit". Before, he has worked over 5 years as a senior computer engineer in IBM after gaining his master degree in advanced computer science from University of Cambridge, UK. He is interested in facilitating and transforming screenwriting and film production using emerging information technologies.