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2014 Universe Multicultural Film Festival--Features
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This year, Universe Multicultural Film Festival (UMFF) is proud to present a select group of 12 full length and 20 short films representing variety geography and cultural heritage from over 20 countires.
The Features are:           


2 Night (82min.Israel)
Director(s): Roi Werner
Producer(s): Roi Werner
Genre: Feature/Comedy
In a city where everything is possible.This is a story of two strangers want to spend the night together. But they can't find a parking place and thus become 'victims' of the situation. They have to deal each with the other, the situation and themselves.


Children of the Silver Screen (95 min.China)
Director(s): Yi Liu, XunLiu
Producer(s): Fang Zhang
Genre: Feature/Drama
This movie describes how a filmmaker couple contributes their lives into the development of movie industry in China.

Personal Appearance: Fang Zhang, Yi Liu, Xun Liu


Choose to Fight (51 min.Israel)
Director(s): Itay Livne
Producer(s): Itay Livne
Genre: Feature/Documentary
A unique martial-arts technique developed by the grandfather is passed down to the son and grandson. A survivor of Auschwitz, Mr. Skornik fought back hard and became a renowned martial-arts teacher and decorated soldier.


    Hequ Horse (90 min.China)
Director(s): Zhihe Duo
Producer(s): Xijia Jiu, Tana Huang
Genre: Feature/Drama
This is a story being told from a horse's viewpoint. After "Black Eagle", a horse from grassland, won the champion in a horse racing, the conflict between the cultures of grassland horse and modern horse arises... 
  Indomitable Soldiers (89 min.China)
Director(s): Shunan Cai, Lunna A
Producer(s): Jie Qu
Genre: Feature/ Drama/War/Action
In 1933, during the War of Resistance against Japan, the indomitable soldiers of a regiment with heavy casualties keep fighting to the last minute for defending their motherland...
     Laozi Went out of Hangu Pass (96 min.China)
Director(s): Chengyun Ma
Producer(s): Luo Li
Genre: Feature/Drama/History
Synopsis: Hangu Pass was heavily defended by the State of Qin, as the only reasonable route to invade the Qin. Laozi was stopped by frontier guards when leaving Hangu Pass for the west. Then Laozi wrote the"Dao De Jing" at Hangu Pass.  
    Life in Stills (58 mins.Israel)
Director(s): Tamar Tal
Producer(s): Barak Heymann, Tamar Tal
Genre: Feature/Documentary
The film tells the story of Miriam Weissenstein and her grandson Ben, who embarks on an exciting, funny and touching journey to save the legendary "Photo House" and its nearly one million negatives that document Israel's defining mom
     Little Sisters of the Grassland (89 min.China)
Director(s): Nayintai Bao
Producer(s): Yanzhi Wang, Suyala Qiqige
Genre: Feature/Drama
Based on a real story in Inner Mongolia in 1960s, the film praises two teenage sisters, Long Mei and Yu Rong, who risked their lives to protect a flock of the Commune's sheep during a blizzard.
Personal Appearance: SUYALAQIQIGE, Tongliege Chen; ALIMA; Hailong Zhou; Jili Zheng
  Love in Dabei Mountain (82min.China)
Director(s): Jingwen Chao
Producer(s): Fang Zhang
Screenwriter(s): Weizhu Yu
Genre: Feature/Drama
Synopsis: A beautiful young artist is going to a village for her grandfather's wish. While at the trip, she met three different men and have many interesting stores from each of them
Personal Appearance: Weizhu Yu, Fang Zhang

Salt (114min. Chile/Argentina)
Director(s): Diego Rougier
Producer(s): Adrián Solar, Javiera Contador, Diego Rougier, Luigi Araneda
Genre: Feature/Drama
Synopsis: A Spanish film director who is obsessed with making a western decides to go to Chile in search of a story. Being confused with another, a real adventure begins. This is the journey of an author becoming his own character and his impossible return.
Personal Appearance: Diego Rougier

    Water Wars (60 min.USA)
Director(s): Jim Burroughs
Producer(s): Jim Burroughs, Suzanne Bauman, Salik Subhan
Genre: Feature/Documentary
It tells the story of Bangladesh at war with not only rising seas, but devastating floods and droughts from India's dams dumping their excess in the wet season and siphoning off river water in the dry season.
Personal Appearance: Suzanne Bauman; Jim Burroughs

    You Can't Write a Letter (84 min.France)
Director(s): Levil Guillaume
Producer(s): Levil Guillaume
Genre: Drama/Comedy/18+
Julien and Nina sign a pact with the universe: they must enjoy life, whatever the cost. Will that decision lead them to happiness, or to their disappearance?
    The Expectation of Xiao Deng (93min.China)
Director(s): Yimin Zhu, Zhuping He
Producer(s): Zhuping He
Genre: Feature/Drama
Synopsis: It is a story about Xiao Deng, a 10 years old girl who stays in the village while her parents are working in the cities. Lonely but strong, she sticks together with her sick grandma and they take care of each other.