2014 UMFF distributor panel

Universe Multicultural Film Festival--2014
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 2014 UMFF " Distributor A to Z" Panel

The current studio and independent film distribution systems don't serve the evolving desires of a modern audience. This panel will discuss current and proposed alternatives that solve the gap between what audiences want and what the film industry provides. The panelists and their experience represent a cross-section of ways that distributors can transition from old models and embrace a new audience-centric system.

The Panel Speakers are:  

Christoper Coppola; Actor, producer, director,distributor
As President of Christopher R. Coppola Enterprises, Christopher Coppola has been a champion of and leader in digital media for over a decade. Since 1987, he has directed eight feature films and numerous television shows. Coppola is also deeply committed to education. He has built a High Definition Research Laboratory in San Francisco Art Institute. Meanwhile, he is an adjunct professor in the Broadcast Cinema Arts Department of Madonna University and frequently lectures at other universities. His another project Project Accessible Hollywood brings digital empowerment to underserved communities and individuals worldwide.

Chengyun Ma, Director; distributor
Chengyun Ma is a director of Henan Film&Television Production Group, a member of Chinese Filmmakers Association. He has been in the film industry for more than thirty years, and have worked in the field of art direction, cinematography, directing, etc. He has participated in hundreds of films, television shows and documentaries. He has also won the Huabiao Award and 2010 San Diego International Kids' Film Festival.