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Universe Multicultural Film Festival--2014
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 2014 UMFF " Co-Production With China" Panel

China's limitations on the annual number of Hollywood movies allowed to be distributed within China has meant a huge boost to the production and success of domestic films. China's film revenues have grown by 25% a year for the past 9 years. How can Western filmmakers participate in this growth? Is there a window of opportunity for the West? And if so, what are the pitfalls, common misunderstandings, and industry myths? The panelists will attempt to address these issues during the discussion

The Panel Speakers are: 

Chengyun Ma, Director
Chengyun Ma is a director of Henan Film&Television Production Group, a member of Chinese Filmmakers Association. He has been in the film industry for more than thirty years, and have worked in the field of art direction, cinematography, directing, etc. He has participated in hundreds of films, television shows and documentaries. He has also won the Huabiao Award and 2010 San Diego International Kids' Film Festival.

Xiaoliang Zhang; Producer 
Xiaoliang Zhang is the President of Huizhongchengtian Film&Television Culture Media Co., Ltd. He started his career as a cinematographer, and later broadened his field to screenwriting and film, television and gala production. His films and screenplays has received awards from both domestic and international stages, including China Huabiao Film Awards, San Diego International Kids' Film Festival and other awards.

Xun Liu, Professor, Director
Xun Liu is a famous Chinese film critic. He is currently the director and professor of Communication Science and Art Department in Chengdu University. Meanwhile, he is a member of the Chinese Filmmakers Association and Chinese Television Artists Association. He has wrote and directed more than fifty TV documentaries, art programs and two digital films. His television, film and film criticism works have won him many domestic awards, including the Chinese Golden Rooster award.

Suyala Qiqige, Producer
Suyala Qiqige is a Inner Mongolian artist and producer. She became a dancer at the age of sixteen. Later she started her career of film production and acting. She has produced many Mongolian films that introduce the legend characters and stories from the grassland, such as "The Singing King on the Horseback", "Little Sisters of the Grassland." She also played some roles in these films.
  Fang Zhang, Screen writer, producer
Fang Zhang is a national first-class screenwriter, Yu Opera performer, actor. He is a member of Chinese Television Artists Association and Chinese Theater Artists Association. Fang's talent in Yu Opera has won him loads of awards, including the highest art award in Taiwan, the Golden Bell Award. He has won the title of "International Chinese Outstanding Artist." His performance in films and televisions has won him domestic and international awards
  Yi Liu, Director; Screenwriter
Yi Liu is a national first-class director, member of Chinese Filmmakers Association, Chinese Television Artists Association, Chinese Theater Artists Association and Chinese Broadcasting and Television Association. Other than directing, he also works as a screenwriter and commercial director and producer. He has published more than twenty scholarly papers on film and television and is currently in charge of six academic projects of provincial level.
  Meihui Li/ Vivi Li; Actress
Vivi Li is an actress, hostess, concert performer and dancer. She was the top 20 Miss Hong Kong Pageant in 2006 and was titled the "Miss. Talent" for that year. She professionally studied piano, dance and martial art. She has participated in and hosted many TV shows at TVB, the most influential TV channel in Hong Kong. Recently, she has also co-operated with television and filmmakers from mainland, China in many projects. "Laozi Went out of Huangu Pass" is one of their film projects.