2018UMFF screenplay showcase

Universe Multicultural Film Festival--2018
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The 2018 UMFF Screenplay Show Case
8:00-9:00PM; April 7, 2018 at
Fred Hesse Community Park, (29301 Hawthorne Blvd; Rancho Palos Verdes, Ca 90275)

 The Coffin (Netherlands) - Emanuele Pesoli
     Mike Shiled, Director   


 The Exotic Feelings (China) - Lin Tong 
  Katherine Shen, Director
Born in Shanghai, China, Katherine Shen is a LA based film /TV producer, director and actor. Katherine began as an Assistant Producer for China No.1 rating reality TV show ‘China’s got Talent’ and ‘The Voice of China’ at a very early age. Studied acting for film at New York Film Academy, Katherine is currently continuing her directing studies at UCLA. In recent years, she has produced and directed her independent film ‘The Way Home’ and is the executive producer for US-China Co-production feature film ‘Defenders of the GAO’ and ‘the World Revolves Around You’ in 2018. She has 6 years’ experience in Film /TV productions, strong connections with industry partners, knowledge if independent film production and is experienced in acting and modeling.
Lin Tong; Screenwriter, Author
Lin Tong trained as Engineer, with a passion for literature and music since childhood. She has been the Chinese distributor of E + E company in Austria, and went to study in Austria for many times over the past 20 years. She forged a profound friendship with the Austrian company's colleagues, and learned from them a lot of good quality and style, discovered her unique stage in Austria, so she wrote this “THE EXOTIC FEELINGS” based on her real experience and bring this script to the 2018 Universe Multicultural Film Festival