Short Films in 2018 UMFF

2018 UMFF Short Films


Mexico | USA | 30 min Short | Family| Drama| Adventure
Director Bo Bateman 
Writers/Producers Andrés Aceves, Guillermo Orozco
Cast Jenny Treviño, Guillermo Orozco, Andrés Aceves
Two brothers and a sister take on a journey through the desert to get a better life for them after the death of their mother.
Philippines | 20 min Short | Family | Drama| Mystery
DirectorTerimar Malones
WriterJoseph Israel Laban
ProducersTerimar Malones, Essy Genebelle Antonano, Joseph Israel Laban
CastAllain Hablo, Diocel Marie Raso
On the eve of her school’s annual Talent Show in a small rural village in the mountains of Iloilo, twelve-year-old Thirdy has to deal with the realities of her difficult financial situation and ominous visions of a ghostly man.
    BE YOU
USA | 4 min Short | Music Video
DirectorAlexi Paraschaos
ProducerJL Jupiter
This is the official music video for Alexi Paraschos’ song “Be You”.
Luxembourg | 3 min Short | Comedy | Musical | Fantasy | 17+
Director/ProducerGabor Gaspar
Father forgives her, for she has been sensational.
Belgium| 4 min Short | Music Video
DirectorsDieter-Michael Grohmann, Shania Vandezande
WritersDieter-Michael Grohmann, Laure Cavalléra, Manuel Sanchez Ramos
ProducersDieter-Michael Grohmann, Laure Cavalléra
CastJavier Mateos Arevalo, Wim Carels, Isidro Santos Galindo
This music video records a Spanish singer going to Brussels, Belgium.
USA | 5 min Short | Music Video
DirectorsWayne Isham, Chuck Maldonado
WritersWayne Isham, Ari B
CastAri B
Passion for dance and power shine through, within a spirit of respect and profound acceptance.
Luxembourg | 4 min Short | Romance | Musical | Fantasy
Executive ProducerGabor Gaspar
A handsome stranger falls for a fair woodland guardian. 
USA | 26 min Short | Drama | Crime
Director/WriterRhyme Lu
ProducerDanwen Lei
Hoping to build a real life and makes his family proud, a young Chinese undocumented immigrant leaves China and moves to Los Angeles to seek legal identity through corrupted asylum fraud. 
USA | 4 min Short | Music Video
Director/Writer/ProducerJudith Lynn Stillman
CastBecky Bass, Katherine Kazarian, Lori Phillips 
This is a pro-womenmusic video by filmmaker and composer Judith Lynn Stillman, packing a powerful political punch in four minutes. Thirty artists and activists unite to deliver a bold statement to "defend human rights and right human wrongs in the Trump era."
USA | 26 min Short | Drama | Thriller| Mystery
Director/Writer Joey Lanai
ProducersJill Herrera, Joey Lanai
CastKim Estes, Joey Lanai
When a traveling salesman seeks therapy, the demons of his fractured childhood are examined by an overly ambitious intern who finds herself on a bloody trail of serial murder
USA | 15 min Short | Drama
Director/WriterJesse Littlebird
ProducersDeborah Littlebird, Jesse Littlebird
CastSelim Sandoval, Mayaan Sandoval, Cheyanne Bywater, Loren Anthony
An indigenous boy running away from his abusive home encounters his distanced Uncle and shares a timely reconnection of culture and lineage.
Austria | Italy | 13 minShort | Drama | Action
Director/Writer/ProducerMichael Maschina
CastDaniela Mutafova, Heide Maria Hager
Austria, 2015. It's pitch dark in the night and a lorry is trying to reach the Austrian border. A group of Syrian refugees is hidden in its interior. A girl trembles in the dark while a woman tries to sooth her narrating a story. They are both waiting to get into Austria.
USA | 3 min Short | Experimental
Director/Producer/CastMary Anzalone
Shot in Puerto Rico, prior to the devastating hurricane, the footage is mixed with filming the underwater at a neighborhood pool in Texas.
China | 22 min Short | Documentary
Director Suoduo
Writers Suoduo, Dongzhucairang
Rikga bought a new apartment in the town. He tries to celebrate the moving at the new apartment. However, his father Yangko tries to convince him to carry on the traditional cultural way and celebrate it in a new yak tent..
China | 12 min Short | Drama
DirectorFeixiong Huang 
Writer Yaping Wei 
Producer Yanhua Fu 
Cast Leng Sun, Xiao Chen, Jiaojiao Gao
A little girl tries to interact with her parents and reminds them the best gift she wants is they keeping her company
USA | 4 minShort | Music Video
Director/Writer/ProducerRichard Ivory
CastPatrice Hawthorne
This is an inspirational anthem of love winning over hate.
USA | 4 min Short | Music Video
Director/ProducerRic Poulin
CastMichelle Hylan, Lydia Dyett
This music video is a new arrangement of the classic song “Over The Rainbow” performed by Boston artist Michelle Hylan.
India | 8 min Short | Drama | Documentary
Director/Writer Adinath Kothare
ProducersAdinath Kothare, Manohar Shetty, Rishi Darda
CastDinesh Koyande, Prashant Choudappa, Sohan Nandurdikar, Swanandi Tikekar
The consequence of what happens when a Hindu Idol Deity Procession and a Muslim Death Procession cross paths on a busy junction of a city in India…is a matter of “Perspective”.
USA | 5 min Short | Music Video
Director/Writer/ProducerAJ Tedesco
CastJordyn Curet, Emily Day
This is the music video of AJ Tedesco’s song “Stay”.
USA | 6 min Short | Drama
Director/WriterEshaana sheth
ProducersShalini Bathina
CastShalini Bathina, Daniel Halden
A young British man and American woman navigate misunderstandings on a first data that takes a bizarre turn.
USA | 19 min Short | Drama | Fantasy
Director/WriterMohammad Alkazemi
ProducersMohammad Alkazemi, Valentina Bove
Cast Joshua Enbom, Robin Walton
A desperate husband from a past relationship struggles with his inner-self to heal his pain by getting connected with his daughter whom he’s never met before.
China | 26 min Short | Drama
Director Xia Wu Producers Zuyun Wu, Yongmei Tang Writer Yali Lou
Cast Guoqing Feng, Shuai Du, Gaochang Peng
This film tells a story between the representatives of two cultural music, the new generation of drum king in west Hunan and a leader of a pop music band from a big city.
China | 8 min Short | Music
Director Gengxian He 
Writer/Producer Yue Liang
Xichou in Yunnan is the birth place of the world most ancient legend about the sun. People in the bird tribe sing in a voice from their deep soul, which is the spirit of their dance.
Burkina Faso | 7 min Short
DirectorAndré Daniel Tapsoba
WriterArsène Bazongo
ProducerSerge Dimitri Pitroipa
Tiraogo, a young rural man, fought the deadly conflict between farmers and herders in his village. He finds himself in the big city. He is quickly disenchanted by the incivism, barbarism and atrocities he sees.
USA | 3 min Short |Music Video
Director Manuel Viqueira Carballal
Producer Devin Sarno 
Music Green Day
When Trump won the US election, Green Day decided to fill in the lyric video of Troubled Times with images of civil rights, suffragettes, and the nightmare of watching Trump destroy years of struggles for those rights.
USA | 10 min Short | Drama| Family 
Director/Writer Yiqing Catharine Lin 
Producers Yiqing Catharine Lin, Zoe Pelloux
Cast Randall Taylor
A man needs to refit the world he's been kept out for twenty years.
USA | 21 min Short | Comedy
Director/Producer/Writer Zack Abramowitz
Recently homeless former child star, Lyle Capricorn must regain his former acting glory by doing the one thing he doesn't know how to do: act.
USA | 16 min Short | Drama | Thriller| Action| Adventure 
Director/Writer Farris Williams
ProducersFarris Williams, Andishé Zohoori, Ben Williams, Shai Givens
Cast Caleb Marquis, Trevar Bowen, Gabrielle Burks, Bruna Davis
Young activists launch a mission to remove racist markings from a Native-American landmark.
     WU WEI
USA | 3 min Short | Music Video
DirectorBill Sandidge
WritersLao Tsu, Jane English
MusicLarry Natwick, George Prado, Roger Hogan 
The film combines an original jazz score with the poetry of Lao Tsu and bird imagery from the Texas coast to illustrate the ancient Taoist concept of Wu Wei or Non Action.
China | 20 min Short | Drama | Educational
Director/Writer Ying Liu 
Producer Siyi Sun
Cast Yuanzhe Sun, Guangjie Yin, Desen Yin, Dezhen Yin, Zhongshuang Deng
Angles with broken wings keep flying so not to fail life. This educational film reminds us to pay attention to the children in difficulty.