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 2017 UMFF " Work With China" Panel 

China has a huge boost to the production and success of domestic films. China's film revenues have grown by 25% a year for the past 10 years. Chinese Film Projects are looking for Western filmmakers participate in their movies. A window of opportunity has opened for the Western directors, screenwriters, Scrip doctors, cinema photographers, musical composters, Animators, actors, etc. Come to meet the delegations of Chinese investors, producers, directors, and find out the pitfalls, common misunderstandings, and industry myths for working with the Chinese films. The panelists will attempt to address these issues during the discussion.
Pre-sign up ( click here to download Sign up form) is strongly recommended. For actors, please bring your headshots and CV with you for possibility of onsite audition.

Time: 1:00-3:00PM; April 1, 2017
Location: Fireside room @Fred Hesse Community Park Center,(29301 Hawthorne Blvd; Rancho Palos Verdes, Ca 90275;  Admission by  Panel Pass.

 The Panel Speakers are:

Xue Jing Zhang (Stage Name Niu Ben), Actor, Director
Niu Ben is a Chinese film Icon, has been in the film industry over 60 years. He started as actor at age 6, has been played over 100 films, such as “ Holly city diary”, “Cremation”, “ Oath by the sea” “ Rancher”, “The Palace Hiding story”. He won the best supporting actor award at 1983 Golden Rooster award, the best supporting actor award at the 6th Bai Hua Award. He also direct many films and TV series, such as “ Happy Fate” “ Hidden Gold”.

Shumei Wang; Producer
Ms.Wang is a successful film and TV producer; founder of Guang Tang Film & TV Media Company; Vice General Secretary of the China Film Fund; Vice President of Oceania TV station.
Her signature Films are “The Hope Raising from Here”; “Women who build the Monument”; “ Nana”( which won the best actress award at the 2013 Universe Multicultural Film Festival; “Five One”Award and Audience award of Golden Rooster Award). Beside movie, she also produced 300+ TV episodes

Lene Amalfi; Producer
Lene Amalfi was born in Cuba. She moved to the US to pursue a career in film and television. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Las Vegas, Nevada with a film degree. She started working for the world famous TV show Pawn Shop Stars which led her to another renowned show: Survivor. Moving on to produce and edit a feature documentary for Wild Eyes Productions, a company known for the best selling documentary on History Channel “Black Hawk Down”. Currently, Miss Amalfi works for Pier Ave Films developing a new TV show and two feature films.


Yi Xi; Director, producer
Yi Xi is a film director, producer from Qiang minority. Multiple film award winner. He is the member of China folk artist association; member of United National Education, Sciences and folk art organization. His main production are “ Modu Luoyi”; “ Divine Sky”; “Beyond the Mountain”.

  Yaxuan Yuan; Director/Actor/Producer
Mr. Yuan is an up-and-coming director after building a distinguished career in front of the camera. His acting career spans over twenty-five films and television series. As a director, his first children's film, The Reading Boy, won him "Best Children's Film" & Best Child actor  at the 9th San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival, as well as "Best New Director" at the 16th Shanghai International Film Festival.  His movie “Reading Boy 2” won the best children film and the best director award at the 10th San Diego International Kids Film Festival.
  Mr.Song Zhao, Film Project Planner
Mr.Zhao is a rising star of film project planner in China. While in college, he planed many successful student singer competition projects. Then worked as public relation and planner for the real estate companies, in charged projects as“ Guo Mei Appliance”; “Wan Xiang Xian”; “Sea Star Future”, “Golden Tai Holliday City” etc. In film industry, he has planned 4 movie projects in past 2 years, in which the “Swinging Days” won the best actor award and the best film nomination at the 13th San diego International Kids’ film festival.
Zha Luo; Director, Producer, Host
Zha Luo is a well know Tibet Woman Director, Producer and Host. Her films and TV programs are welcome by the Tibetans. Her film “Ciluo's Qinghai Lake” won the best children film at 2013 Universe multicultural film festival. She bring her new film “Thogmed “ to this year’s Universe Multicultural Film Festival.
  Lu Han, Director, Acting Couch
Lu Han is Wuhan TV Station, Children Chanel director. She is ex-teacher for acting in Wuhan Performance Art School. She created and performed musical “ Five Flower Come to the City” won the best small dram award at China Chao Yu Dram Award; TV program “Baby Come On” won the first ran award of the Audience award; “Happy Family” won the National excellent award. Her short film “Toward the Happiness” won the audience award of Italy International Children Film Festival. She directed “2008 love in Wenchuan for Children” won the China Central TV station best children program silver award.
  Chengguo Yi, Director, Producer, Martial Art Advisor and Trainer
Mr. Chengguo Yi is a well know film director, producer, project manager, martial art advisor and trainer. He got know by “ New Shaolin Temple”; “Surprise”; “Yang’s Woman General”; “ Hero Fan Shi Yu”, “ Combat Bandit of Wu Long Mountain”; “ Super Teacher Zhong Xue #2”; “ Taiping Princess’ Secret”; “ Tang Dynasty’ Heros”. He is represent his film “ The King Of Soccer” at 2017 Universe Multicultural Film Festival.
  Tao Huang, Director
Mr. Tao Huang has been worked in Beijing Film Studio and China Central TV Station for over 26 years, get involved for over 15 films; 10 TV commercials; 100+ TV Episodes; 13 daily air TV programs; 7 Branding Introduction Videos. His film “Ready to Run” won the Best children film at the 2012 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival, Web TV “My bitten Youth” was in the official list of 2016 Asian New Media Film Festival 
  Qing Zhu, Makeup artist, Producer
Qing Zhu is a well known makeup artist, beautician; and children movie producer. She is also the Music copyright owner, independently produced many songs and many film therms songs. Many of her children films won many awards.
Thales Corrêa, Director, Writer, Producer
Brazilian-born Thales Corrêa is an award-winning Director, Writer, and Producer based in Los Angeles. He attended UCLA film school, and have directed a myriad of projects ranging from films, music videos, PSAs, sketches, and TV episodes. The latest two short films he wrote and directed: Parents and Milvio were screened at Festival de Cannes. Parents ran the festival circuits in America, and was sold to a Brazilian cable network. Milvio won for Best Short at San Diego International Kids Films Festival as well as at LABRFF, and was officially selected to screen at Kansas City Film festival. Mr. Correa works for Wild Eyes Productions, a veteran documentary production company that has sold documentaries to History, Discovery and Nat Geo. He is responsible for developing scripted project under their new brand company Pier Avenue Films.