2017 UMFF Project " Pitch & Catch"

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 2017 UMFF " Pitch & Catch " Panel

1PM-5PM; Friday,March 31, 2017, Address: Fireside room @Fred Hesse Community Park Center,(29301 Hawthorne Blvd; Rancho Palos Verdes, Ca 90275;  Admission by  Panel Pass.


This panel is a place for a face-to-face discussion, individual meetings for projects that searching investors, producers and distributors. Each project representative will do 10min. presentation in front of the investors/producers/distributors; distribute the project summary and the contact information.
Pre-regiestration is strongly recommended and the project presenter must be registered festival attendees of 2017 UMFF with a panel pass.  
This year, the UMFF will have film delegations from China, Korea, Russia, Mexico, Japan, UK, Iran, India, etc. Remember to made additional meetings after the panel with them while they are in town.





RANDY KENT; Producer, Director 

 Mr. Xueming Yan, Investor

Ms.Victory Larimore, Producer 

Mr. Fujin Xie, Investor


Mr.Erik Lundmark; Distributor,Producer  


Mr. Jianpeng Shen, Investor

 Mr.Marcus Lovingood, Producer, Distributor


Mr.Qiang Li, Investor

Mr.Hanwei Chen, Investor 


Mr.Hiroki Hayashi; Producer, Director