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 2017 UMFF " Multicultural Screenplay" Panel 


Time: 11:00-12:30PM; April 1, 2017
Location: Fireside room @Fred Hesse Community Park Center,(29301 Hawthorne Blvd; Rancho Palos Verdes, Ca 90275;  Admission by  Panel Pass.


 The Panel Speakers are: 

John Alan Simon; Screenwriter, Director
John Alan Simon’s directorial feature film debut – “Radio Free Albemuth” - which he adapted from the novel by science fiction writer Philip K. Dick (“Blade Runner,” “A Scanner Darkly”) was released in limited theatrical major ten-city U.S. release and selected to screen at the prestigious Indie Night Series at Lincoln Center Film Society and recently began its exclusive SVOD two-year run on Netflix.   From Variety: “Engrossing adaptation" "Well-performed." “"Consistently absorbing." “Operates successfully as a study of enlightenment and a straight-ahead conspiracy thriller.”   Simon also developed and produced the Roger Donaldson-directed version of "The Getaway," starring Alec Baldwin, Kim Basinger and Philip Seymour Hoffman which was theatrically wide-released nationally by Universal Pictures.  As president of Discovery Productions, he has been involved with the financing, production, sales, and marketing of many successful independent features including, “The Wicker Man” (starring Edward Woodward); “The Haunting of Julia” (with Mia Farrow and Tom Conti); “Basket Case”, and “Out of the Blue” (starring and directed by Dennis Hopper).  Prior to entry in the film business, Simon was a successful journalist/film critic, both as staff writer for the New Orleans Times Picayune and as editor-in-chief of New Orleans magazine. During this period, Simon also taught courses in film and writing at Tulane University, Loyola University, and the University of Illinois.  He is a member of WGA-West and was elected to the board of BAFTA-LA.  Simon graduated from Harvard College with honors in History and Literature and served as an editor of the Harvard Crimson
Zhiyong Gong,Screenwriter, Producer, Director
Mr. Gong graduated from Beijing University with a Ph.D in literature. He is the first rank writer, screenwriter, director, and the top ten producers. He has been produced over 60+ TV series ( total over 320 episodes), 12 films, and those productions brought him many awards, such as “ Later Qing Dynasty chaos” won Golden Eagle award; “Li Li Shan” won “Five One Engineer” Award; “ Meng Lei” Won Golden Rooster Award; “ Hunter” won Best Dram award; “ White Angel” won “ Flying Award; “Destination” won Hundred Flower Award; “ Missing Girl” won Hua Biao award
  Mei Wang, Screenwriter
Ms. Wang hold a master degree from Central Drama Institute ( China), is the member of China Writer’s Association, member of China Screenwriter Association, listed on “ China Writer Dictionary”. Her film “Sunset” won the best foreign film from Los Angeles Independent Film Festival in 2016; won special contribution award at Indonesian International Film Festival. She is also the screenwriter for film “warm up” won the award from 2016 Vancouver China Film Festival. She has been worked in other well know production, such as TV series “ Under the Mask” ; Animation film “ Master Lu Ban” “ China Panda Bear”.
Her published novels titles are : “ The Youth Pass”; “ Sunny Girl” , “ Rose I love you” “ Boy and Girl”, “ see you in dream”, etc. 
  Mark Sevi, Screenwriter
Mark Sevi is a professional screenwriter with over 30 scripts sold, 19 of which have been made into feature films including "Devil's Knot" starring Academy Award-winning actors Reese Witherspoon and Colin Firth. Mark also teaches scriptwriting at Irvine Valley College. He started the Orange County Screenwriters Association in 2009 which is a not-for-profit organization that does high school and college outreach in addition to providing resources for all filmmakers.
Mark is currently working on a script for a producer about the Revolutionary War, and has two TV series being considered for production for 2018. In addition, he is in the process of writing a book on scriptwriting. Several of his short stories are on Amazon.com. He is a black belt in aikjutsu.
Mark is represented by Wayne Alexander at Alexander, Lawrence, Frumes & Labowitz, LLP
Qi Zhan, Screenwriter
Qi is a children book writer and screenwriter. She is the main writer for Wuhan Children TV Chanel hot program “ Baby Come On”. Her two seasons comedy show “School Outside”won the audience award for screenplay at Italy CJ Children Film festival. Her children film “ Monkey King Hero is Back” won the best musical score award at 2016 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival.
She also has 9 novels published, and a 100 episodes TV drama “ The Kelly Family” is under development.
  DOV S-S SIMENS, Screenwriter
After a decade of Line Producing & Script Development, taught at America’s 3 leading film schools (USC, NYU & UCLA) and was voted “Hollywood’s #1 Film Instructor” before founding his Hollywood Film Institute, which has presented a “2-Day Film School” in over 30 nations and is establishing the China Film Academy. In his spare time Dov wrote “From Reel to Deal” and ballroom dances with his wife.
Sherwood Jones; Writer/Producer
Sherwood started making films at age 11, armed with a Super 8 movie camera. In his preteens, he dove into an intense study of film, which lead to a B.A. in Cinema & Photography from Southern Illinois University and a Master of Fine Arts in Film from Ohio University, where his thesis film won an award in the Student Academy Awards competition. He entered the film industry as an editor, and has served in that capacity on 20 feature films. He has also been Post Production Supervisor on 25 features. He continues to write and direct his own personal film projects. He has been chairman of San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival since 2013.
  John Luksetich, Writer, Director, Producer
John Luksetich is a native from Dubuque, Iowa where people are known for their hard work, integrity, and generosity. Mr. Luksetich moved to California at first producing and hosting a children’s Cable TV show in Pasadena then he began a cutting edge alternative investigative Cable TV talk show in Long Beach entitled “Imagine” where he interviewed over 500 guests within 16 years in the areas of medicine, science, law, politics, education, etc. such as Dr. Garth Nicholson who appeared on Nightline and testified before our congress concerning an effective treatment for Gulf War Syndrome. As an actor he has appeared in over 30 TV shows and Indie feature films. Mr. Luksetich has written, directed and produced 5 feature films over the past 6 years including the award winning “Shadow of the Monarch”. Each film with a multicultural diverse cast and crew. He is also a critically acclaimed children’s author (“No Small Change” receiving commendation as one the most beautifully illustrated children’s books), singer / songwriter (One of his anti-drug rap songs was performed at the Rose Bowl before 50,000 DARE students the former first lady Nancy Reagan), stand up comedian, and father of Maria – his daughter with down Syndrome.