2017 UMFF Opening Gala

Universe Multicultural Film Festival--2017
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 2017 UMFF  Opening Gala
 Performances, Certification Presentation, International Moviestars, Food & Drinks, 

Time: 6:30-9:00PM; March 31, 2017
Location:Fred Hesse Community Park, McTaggart Hall (29301 Hawthorne Blvd; Rancho Palos Verdes, Ca 90275;  Admission by Opening Nigh Gala Pass



The Performing Actors:

Delil Dilanar, Singer
Delîl Dîlanar has mastered a rich and complex musical style of dengbej in which the vocalist enacts multiple roles: a storyteller, musician, historian and linguist simultaneously. Delîl is a skillful musician as he plays Kurdish melodies on several instruments including davul, kaval, and percussions. Delîl’s powerful voice wafts across national boundaries as it reverberates in the mountains gorges, across rivers, and lakes of his birth country, Turkey.
Despite his young age, Delîl is now the mainstay on the Kurdish classical music with prolific productions. His performances have earned rave reviews in Europe, Canada,United States, and Russia. His albums are among the top sales. It is not merely the great wealth of his verbal, vocal, and instrumental repertoires that makes Delîl’s music so vividly expressive and forceful. His songs with their exceptional musical versatility, rich oral history, and narrative poetry all blend into a smooth and seamless flow of language, culture, and history.
The Music World has called him “The Rising Star of Kurdish music”.
Jessica Lisette; Singer, Songwriter
Jessica Lisette is a Cuban/American singer and songwriter and is known for her passion and charisma while performing. Her music is a fusion of various styles which include Pop, Rock, and Latin. She is also an accomplished music video director and editor. Her latest music video for her single “The Other Side” is currently officially selected in several film festivals in LA. It has won the award for Best Music Video at the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival and at the Accolade Global Film Competition. The Other Side is also officially selected at the Universe Multicultural Film Festival. Her music can be found on her official website at www.JessicaLMusic.com
Princess Eli, Singer
Princess Eli is a kids and family singer that debuted her voice on Mundo FOX within two kids television shows. Ekaette Elizabeth Shammah, MBA, is the animator and illustrator of the Princess Eli video and book series. The Princess Eli Multilingual Song-book Series is geared to help children learn new languages, improve their reading and writing skills, and to love learning. Princess Eli will be performing alongside her hip hop dancers a new song entitled "Spread Your Wings and Fly" that is sung in English, Korean, and Spanish. You are sure to love the performance.
  Julia Koroleva, Actress
Julia Koroleva(Jules) is a Russian born Hollywood actress. She is the lead actress of Karma Dog where she acts with her adopted dog. Jules starred in a reality show in the UK, various new media projects and independent films in Hollywood.
Jules was born in St Petersburg, the cultural capital of Russia. She grew up visiting opera and ballet performances and museums so she developed a taste for arts at an early age.
London where she moved as a teenager has become her second home. She then changed her residence again to Los Angeles to pursue acting as a profession.
Jules is an animal rights advocate believing in changing the world through art and film
Eastern Dance Group
Eastern Dance Group was formed with a group of Chinese woman who love dance, especial folk dance. They use spare time to learn and practice, and perform at many elder care center and community event.  
  Xingcheng Liao, Singer, actor
Xingcheng is a child actor and singer. As leading actor, he appeared film “Monkey King Hero is Back”; “The Little Horse Whisperer”. As leading singer, he paticpated children TV chanel “ Musical Express”; “ Baby Come On”, also won the Golden Singer Award.
Isabelle Hu, Actress and Emcee
Isabelle Hu is an actress and emcee. She has done many commercials and prints. And she has been the emcee for cultural events and film festivals. She has a diverse cultural background and has lived in various cities around the world. She received her M.A. degree from University of Southern California (USC) and received her M.S. degree from London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). She is also a Guzheng (Chinese harp) player and an Mandarin voice-over artist.