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Universe Multicultural Film Festival--2017
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 2017 UMFF  Award Ceremony 
Live Boardcasting; Live Performaces, Award Presentation, Food & Drinks 

Time: 5:00-9:30PM; April 2, 2017
Location: 735 Silver Spur Rd, Rolling Hills Estate, CA 90275; Admission by Award Ceremony Pass



The Actors: 

  Tracy Reiner, Host
With four decades in Hollywood, media maker Tracy Reiner has honed her talents to include producing, writing, directing, and acting. She has appeared in over 30 films and has worked in every category of film production. As cast crew and executive in pre and post production. Tracy's films include: Valentine's Day, State's Evidence ,The Princess Diaries 2: Riding in Cars with Boys, The Princess Diaries, Apollo 13, A League of Their Own , Pretty Woman, When Harry Met Sally, Beaches, Die Hard, Big Jump in' Jack Flash and The Flamingo Kid
Tracy is currently the CEO of Manifesto Films which is expanding the technology of filmmaking optics and consulting on media projects. She has been the Chairwoman of the Universe Multicultural Film Festival since 2013.
Delil Dilanar, Singer
Delîl Dîlanar has mastered a rich and complex musical style of dengbej in which the vocalist enacts multiple roles: a storyteller, musician, historian and linguist simultaneously. Delîl is a skillful musician as he plays Kurdish melodies on several instruments including davul, kaval, and percussions. Delîl’s powerful voice wafts across national boundaries as it reverberates in the mountains gorges, across rivers, and lakes of his birth country, Turkey.
Despite his young age, Delîl is now the mainstay on the Kurdish classical music with prolific productions. His performances have earned rave reviews in Europe, Canada,United States, and Russia. His albums are among the top sales. It is not merely the great wealth of his verbal, vocal, and instrumental repertoires that makes Delîl’s music so vividly expressive and forceful. His songs with their exceptional musical versatility, rich oral history, and narrative poetry all blend into a smooth and seamless flow of language, culture, and history.
The Music World has called him “The Rising Star of Kurdish music”.
San Pedro City Ballet
San Pedro City Ballet (SPCB) was established in 1994 by nationally recognized dancers and teachers, Cynthia and Patrick David Bradley, as a not-for-profit dance company serving greater Los Angeles. It is home to American Ballet Theatre superstar Misty Copeland, who was discovered by the Bradleys at age 13. The company performs The Nutcracker annually at the Warner Grand Theatre in San Pedro, as well as produces original modern works for a variety of venues throughout Southern California. In addition, San Pedro City Ballet, through its outreach programs, holds performance workshops throughout the city of Los Angeles. Thousands of residents see the company perform each year.
Tina Hunt, Producer, TV show host
Tina Hunt is an accomplished Television Producer, Executive Director and Television Show Host who has been an integral part of the entertainment world for more than 20 years. She also works as a children's talent manager, help numerous youth have had the opportunity to achieve high success in the television industry and workforce. Tina has achieved impressive commercial success producing television spots for big name companies such as Lucas Oil, LA Fitness, Dodge Dealership, Chamber of Commerce, Volkswagen, Jazzercise Fitness and many more. In her television producing and hosting capacity, Tina has interviewed countless celebrities, producers, directors, and political figures on her "In Our Community" and "Today's Kids" cable television shows. Tina's most recent project is producing a television show, "Eye on You" which engages young people with politicians and community leaders by discussing hot button topics affecting the world. . 
Jessica Lisette; Singer, Songwriter
Jessica Lisette is a Cuban/American singer and songwriter and is known for her passion and charisma while performing. Her music is a fusion of various styles which include Pop, Rock, and Latin. She is also an accomplished music video director and editor. Her latest music video for her single “The Other Side” is currently officially selected in several film festivals in LA. It has won the award for Best Music Video at the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival and at the Accolade Global Film Competition. The Other Side is also officially selected at the Universe Multicultural Film Festival. Her music can be found on her official website at www.JessicaLMusic.com
  Tammie Starr; Model, Host/Singer
Ms California Ambassador Queen 2017
Ms Curvy California Queen 2016
Judge for National American Miss Pageant 2016
Judge/Award Presenter San Diego Kids Awards Film Festival 2016.
CVH 1st Class Magazine of United Kingdom. CVH 1st Class Magazine USA Model Ambassador.
Professional Curvy 6'1 Model first ever to walk down LA Fashion Week/ SD Fashion Week/ Temecula Fashion Week
First Plus Designer Dede Allure, Sharlene Borremeo, Soma and Iris Bridalwear.
Positive Role Model for the Women in the world. Making Dreams into reality.
Starr Productions Host/Singer
Hollywood Media on red carpet events.
  Ruben Roberto Gomez; Actor/Producer
Having desired a career as an actor from an early age, Ruben Roberto Gomez started as a teenager in theater in his native Buenos Aires, Argentina. After only a few years he realized that stage acting would never be enough and headed to the United States and Hollywood to pursue a career in movies and television. In the 80’s and 90’s his second love of singing took precedence and led him to record 2 albums that were promoted throughout Europe and South America under the CBS Records label.
In addition to numerous Spanish language TV commercials, he has appeared in a variety of TV shows such as General Hospital, Modern Family and Decker, and films such as The Remakehttps://youtu.be/ZdM0iQqqNgA, Addiction, Fake and The Dictator.
He currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife, Lynne Alana Delaney,also a motion picture actor, writer and film director. 
Lynne Alana Delaney; Actor/Writer/Director
Lynne is a Southern California native,Lynne Alana Delaney will foreverbe grateful for having the opportunity to fulfill some of her life’s greatest passions. Always on a quest to find new and exciting ways to express her creativity, a sense of ‘coming home’ or‘coming full circle’ has been her constant companion since venturing into film and television.
Although her start in theater at a young age created her initial love of acting, it wasn’t until much later, after two careers and traveling the world, that she realized she had been preparing her entire life to be a part of the entertainment industry. Hermid-life return to acting as a full-time career reinforced her belief that she had even more to offer the businessin other areas like screenwriting, producing and directing.
She has received multiple awards for screenwriting, producing and acting and can be seen later this year in the world-wide release of the feature, The Remake: https://youtu.be/ZdM0iQqqNgAand next year in Gradation.
She attributes her resilience, tenacity and strong goal oriented ambition to her parents who gave her one of the greatest gifts any parent can give their child…a belief that a positive mental attitude will serve you well in whatever path you choose in life…especially if you follow your heart.
Siyuan Liu, Pianist
Siyuan Liu is currently studying with acclaimed pianist and pedagogue Eduardo Delgado in California. Siyuan began her music training in China at the age of 4, she was Winners at many competitions, the 2016 Liszt International Piano Competition ( won the third price), the 2015 Romantic/Impressionistic Festival Competition and 2015 American Redlands Bowl Young Artists Competition, 2011 China’s National Piano Competition, 2010 KAWAI Asia Youth Piano Competition and the 2006 Xinghai Cup China National Piano Competition, 2005 Hong Kong-Asia Open Competition.
She is the 3rd time get invited to perform in Universe Multicultural Film Festival,  had performed extensively in her home country and had been featured at the 2011 Universiade, the 2013 Shenzhen International Piano Concerto Competition opening ceremonies,  Awards Ceremony and 2016 Los Angeles Chinese New Year Ceremonies Concert. Siyuan had also performed solo recitals at the Schlern International Music Festival in Italy, Redlands Bowl in California, Shenzhen City Concert Hall, Shenzhen Grand Theater, Shenzhen Poly Theater, Hong Kong City Hall and at the Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall in London. Her selected to perform at the famous music festivals, 2013 Lang Lang Youth Piano Festival in Germany, Schlern International Music Festival and the Todi International Music Masters Festival in Italy.
  Cady Mariano, Actress, Singer, Dancer
Cady Mariano, age 14, loves acting, singing and dancing. She’s a bona fide “Triple Threat,” earning 2nd Place in the San Diego County Fair Triple Threat Contest. She has performed in many dancing/singing competitions, on TV stations, at SeaWorld and other events, regularly achieving the highest awards and special recognition. She has also played various roles in films, TV, and theatres including Old Globe Theatre in San Diego for “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. Performing comes naturally to Cady, she is equally adept in comedic or dramatic roles. She also performs regularly at a local improve theatre, and she is very active in organizing and performing in charitable events to help local communities
Super Victoria Model Team ( Los Angeles, CA) 
Super Victoria is a multicultural model team, established in June, 2015 from the St Culture Advocacy, a non-profit organization that support multicultural exchange.  Most members hold regular day jobs; enjoy modeling at their spare time. They have been appear in the 2015, 2016 Universe Multicultural Film Festival, ICN TV show times and many other community events, also appeared in Broadway International Film Festival –Ensenada ( Mexico).   Super Vicatori shows and brings out the beautify of human being through the performance of wearable art.