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Universe Multicultural Film Festival--2016
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 2016 Universe Multicultural Film Festival  Art Jury Committee

Danny Pardo, Actor
Danny is a famous international star. As son of European immigrants, his mix comes from Italy, Spain and Yugoslavia. He’s performed in Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian and French, on films, TV shows, Soapoperas, Commercials, Voiceovers, Hosting Shows and Live Events. Oscar award winning Director Juan Jose Campanella cast Danny to play “Father Martin” on acclaimed Argentine TV Series ENTRE CANIBALES that airing in all Latin American markets via FOX-Life and on YES DRAMA in Israel, he’s currently famous in both markets.
He performed with Julie Bowen, Ed Harris, Teri Hatcher, Erik Estrada and others, giving his voice to “Blackout”, one of the main characters in the Disney Animated Film “PLANES: FIRE & RESCUE”. Disney also released Blackout’s toy with Danny’s voice. Danny participated with Recurring Roles in TV Shows: The Shield, Prison Break, 24, Hacienda Heights, All My Children. He’s worked extensively in the Hispanic Market as well: Anita no the Rajes, Prisionera, Decisiones, Al Filo de la Ley, No Me Hallo, etc. He performed opposite Danny Trejo, Armand Assante, Steven Bauer, Tom Sizemore and Richard Tyson starring in plenty of Independent Feature Films: Counterpunch, Angel of Death, Double Tap, Crosshairs, Palm Swings, The Martial Arts Kid, and more.
Jon Allen; Musican, Art collector
Jon Allen is a composer - musician with a wide range of styles and experiences. His involvement and love for music began during his early teen years. Jon has recorded and traveled with numerous professional groups. In addition, he has written and recorded music for various television, documentary, and film projects. His composition style is broad with sense of drama. Currently he is working on a feature length film with native Los Angeles director and screenwriter, Jose Renteria.Jon Allen enjoys collecting eclectic world art, has an extensive collection of museum quality historical sword reproductions, and has keen interest in fashion, contemporary and period.Jon's wife, Violeta, is Peruvian and the author of five books on the cinema history of Peru.They reside in Pacific Palisades, California
Huang He, Actress
Stage Name Miaomiao, national first-level actor; China children’s film association deputy secretary-general; Television Artists Association director; St Culture Advocacy (USA) Chinese culture ambassador. Best Actress winner of the 13th Flower Film Awards and received by the China President Jiang Zemin (China); Best Performance winner of the 9th San Diego international Kids Film festival ( USA); The 14th Nantes three continents international film festival award "golden globes" ( France); Berlin International Film Festival “youth forum award “ (Germany); Shanghai film critics association award top ten best films (China); China Times Express “Outstanding films”award ( Taiwan); The golden rooster award for best directorial debut; The best Childers's film in Huabiao Film awards, and the best Childers's film in Cairo Film awards and won the special spirits award in the 15th International Family Film Festival ( USA)
  Pete Allman; Actor, Host, Producer
Peter Allman started out his career as vocalist in Houston, Texas, with Bubba Thomas and the Lightmen, the New York jazz festival winners. Then he established his own “ The Peter Allman Revue” that playing in the Fremont Hotel and Casino, The Orbit Inn, The Marina Hotel , now the MGM, the Jockey Club. As a producer, director and host of over 300 half hour television shows, The Hollywood Las Vegas Report, CMX Sports and Entertainment, The Las Vegan Report and Hollywood In Action, plus KSCI Channel 18. As an actor and producer, Peter was in those films:"Brando Unauthorized," "Killer Priest," "Night Bird," "Vatos Locos 2011", “Talk Back at West L.A. College," and "Winds of Freedom”. 
  Phoenix Liu; Actress; Judge; Stage Director & Choreographer
Ms Liu is a successful and famous actress from China, and resident in Florida. In her first 15 years in America, she was frequently profiled in television and newspaper reports for her work in the performing arts. She has 25 years of performing arts experience in USA in addition to her over 20 films and 200 TV episodes in China prior to arriving. She has been art jury for over 25 countries in ethnic dance, ballet, modern, jazzand hip-hop, fashion ,etc . She is renowned choreographer and excellent instructor in the Fine Arts Department at Santa Fe College..
R Victoria Jodis, Producer, Host
R Victoria began her career at 17 as a reporter for The Irvine World News, developed marketing and media skill sets as an Agency EP. Most recent achievements- producer/host of 100+ episodes business/entertainment talk show Money, Music & V- aired on new BIZStars TV affiliate platforms and digital channels globally. Victoria actively creates and collaborates on A list events (featuring entrepreneurs, luxe, cutting edge products) ranging from celebrity Oscar and Emmy parties to the Gypsy Jane Festival /Denver MJ circuit (2014), launching other caused based projects (International Polo for Charity Vegas/ 2016) and connecting entrepreneurs with investors and private equity worldwide. She is also developing an intimate-audience Jazz concert/dinner/showcase series opening with legendary Alphonse Mouzon & his ALL STARS at the historic Balboa Inn in hometown Newport Beach on April 18, 2015